Small Group & One-on-one:

A group of 6-10 students meet daily from 10-2 to work on group learning activities and individual work. This time consists of a combination of teacher led and student led learning. We also have weekly forest days where we spend the day exploring the Duwamish land that we live on.

Students will also have the opportunity to meet with Michelle one-on-one each week, before/after our small group to work on specific needs. I will focus on the areas that students need the most support during this time as students grow exponentially given one-on-one attention and guidance around subjects that can be difficult or cause anxiety.

A part-time program is available for those homeschooling.

Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Intervention:

This is one-on-one with Michelle and a caregiver. Michelle uses the science based curriculums; Wired for Reading and Handwriting without Tears.

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